Monday, August 20, 2018

How the National American Environmental Groups are Stabbing the American Environment in the Back

HERE'S HOW: All of the major U.S. environmental organizations refuse to address the issue of American overpopulation, which is driven by mass immigration. Overpopulation is the critical factor that has a negative affect on almost every environmental and resource scarcity problem in the USA. 

WHY THE ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS REFUSE TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE: 1. Fear of appearing politically incorrect. 2. Fear of being called racist. 3. Fear of upsetting their foundation and corporate benefactors that generally support high immigration levels.

MESSAGE TO ALL MEMBERS OF NATIONAL AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS: Demand that the leaders of your groups start dealing with the elephant in the room - the large yearly population increase in America that is propelled by mass immigration. You all know that no environmental problem in the USA is improved by increasing the population, so why are you supporting environmental groups that support immigration bills that double or triple U.S. immigration levels? Tell the leaders of your groups that if they really want to support massive increases of the U.S. population they should quit their jobs and go lead mass-immigration lobbying groups, and tell them that they're not real environmentalists, they're just glorified public relations people.

Below is a link to a blog post that I wrote a few years ago that further elaborates on the issue:
U.S. Environmental Leaders that Support the Senate's Mass Immigration Bill Should Resign or Be Fired.

Below is a link to an excellent Article by Roy Beck and Leon Kolankiewicz that explains why the Environmental Movement stopped supporting population stabilization: 
Forsaking Fundamentals - The Environmental Establishment Abandons U.S. Population Stabilization.